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You can decide! Do you want to move to vBulltin? [update: 21st April]

Tue 14 Apr 2009, 11:58 by Shaolan

This Poll will find its end at the 1st May. Until that day you have time to vote or to edit your vote.

For the newest update (17th April) please go to the bottom of the page. it is written with …

Happy Easter! From all the Staff at Clamp In Forumland!!!

Mon 13 Apr 2009, 01:31 by Seishirou

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a lot of chocolate over there!!! ^^

No matter your religion, we hope the love rise inside your heart and get todether everyone today!!

Best wishes!!!

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    xxxHolic: AnotherHolic


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    xxxHolic: AnotherHolic

    Post by Smile_For_Me on Sat 14 Mar 2009, 07:36

    Just wanted to know if anyone else is reading the Novel format book, written by Nisioisin.

    Cover work, Illustrations and Original Concept by CLAMP..(No durr..LOL)

    I'm only into the first 7 pages of the story, and I can say, its a little strange story. Strange in a good way. Its hard to understand at first(some things like Japanese TV shows or Book writers), but you get whats going on later as you read more. Delray has give little side notes about them, if you need any help.

    Now for the art work. CLAMP has done its once again. LOVE the cover.
    Its Purple with Gold outline of the Magic Yuko uses, as well as her beloved smoke and butterfly.

    There is a color page of Watanuki and Yuko, along with three Black and White pictures as well. (Yuko, Yuko and Watanuki, Watanuki)

    Its a must read if you are a xxxHolic Fan, or even if you are just a CLAMP fan.

    But the price might set you off a bit. $17.95 USA or $21.00 CAN. So save up, (or beg) maybe even have your wish granted, to get your hands on this book. (LOL I know I know)

    Have fun reading.

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    Re: xxxHolic: AnotherHolic

    Post by amethyst-rose on Sat 14 Mar 2009, 08:50

    I haven't read it yet...but I've been meaning to buy it since like...October ^^; hahaha...I mostly would like it for the artwork XD!

    Thanks for telling more about it though, since I didn't know too much ^^



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    Re: xxxHolic: AnotherHolic

    Post by TomiSyao on Sun 15 Mar 2009, 05:29

    My aunt bought it for me as a birthday present, so I'll get it when she'll come to visit next month :3
    When I heared about the novel for the first time I wasn't so interested since it was before I started reading the manga. But now, reading some reviews about it on the net I fell in love and told myself that I must have the novel. Here, I'm gonna have it ^^

    I'll tell you my opinion when I'll get it. I can't wait for it XP

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    Re: xxxHolic: AnotherHolic

    Post by Kyoki on Sun 15 Mar 2009, 12:34

    I so wanna read it. But I keep forgetting about it and thus never save up money for it. ^_^;;;; I'm really interested about it though. Let me know how it is when you guys are finished reading it. :)

    Wonderful avvie made by Reflect-chan. ^.^
    I am helping Naru and Lin elope! (dared by Subaru-chan
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    Re: xxxHolic: AnotherHolic

    Post by Sponsored content

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