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Happy Easter! From all the Staff at Clamp In Forumland!!!

Mon 13 Apr 2009, 01:31 by Seishirou

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a lot of chocolate over there!!! ^^

No matter your religion, we hope the love rise inside your heart and get todether everyone today!!

Best wishes!!!

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    Watanuki x Doumeki


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    Watanuki x Doumeki

    Post by Hokuto-chan on Sun 28 Dec 2008, 16:34

    One of the first yaoi pairings that I liked actually, lol. Talk about the intresting pairing of Wata x Doumeki! Please stay on topic, and dicsuss on why you like the pairing and other stuff about it!

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    douwata is love.

    Post by tomoyohime on Sun 28 Dec 2008, 17:54

    104 is the third BL pairing i've fallen for in CLAMP (the first was touyaxyukito, and the second kuroxfai - but i love them all in different ways, ^_^)

    i liked touyaxyuki for the fluff, and kuroxfai for the angst, but with 104, i love it because it makes me hope that after all this - after trc-holic ends, they will have their happy ending together.

    it's the kind of pairing that makes me wish that they get to grow old together, someday, somehow. ^_^♥


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    Re: Watanuki x Doumeki

    Post by Tenshi-san on Mon 29 Dec 2008, 05:28

    I agree with Tomoyohime. The reason I like DouWata is because they're a really sweet, realistic couple. They don't have all that exaggerated drama that usual yaoi couples have, with exes and homophobic relatives. Their relationship is growing slowly, but it is so obviously there. I mean, Doumeki is not the usual prince in shining armor, but look at all he's done for Watanuki. From his eye to his blood; is there anything he hasn't given up? ^///^ And though Watanuki persistently states his feelings for Himawari, I think he's beginning to get it through his thick skull that she's not his goddess of luck. ;) So yeah, they're my absolute favorite couple of all time, and I will persistently support them. 4

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    Re: Watanuki x Doumeki

    Post by Misty on Mon 29 Dec 2008, 13:14

    Doumeki X Watanuki are just sooooo cute together 16 Although, Doumeki is his foil character, but I don't see them falling in love Yep, you could say they are perfectly made for each other and of course, they are my favourite couple in Holics. I hope they end up together like Touya and Yukito in CCS.


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    Re: Watanuki x Doumeki

    Post by Invisible_Writer on Tue 30 Dec 2008, 07:15

    Awww, I love DouxWata 11 So far, for me, this is the only couple in CLAMP that hasn't had a completely dramatic twist or turn or whatever. And that includes eye exchanges xD They just give off a nice, solid vibe that I love, and they really do make a great pair ^_^ It oddly reminds me of Touya/Yuki, with the way they're so casual with each other that you don't need some kind of loud and flamboyant proclamation of love. It's very sweet :) ....And with Yuuko cheering them on, I don't think their relationship will be too rocky panda11


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    Re: Watanuki x Doumeki

    Post by chibi-chan on Sun 18 Jan 2009, 21:43

    Doumeki X Watanuki are so kawaiii when they are together! They're really remind me of the version couple of Touya and Yuukito 16


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    Re: Watanuki x Doumeki

    Post by hakiri-nefertiri on Sat 21 Mar 2009, 03:06

    I'm with everyone, Watanuki and Doumeki are wondeful together. There is a certain feeling of natural between them that it's not overly dramatic and drawn out. They are becoming friends slowly and developing into a relationship. Though it's rather sad that CLAMP never official gives us an in your face bl pairing the recent chapters do seem to suggest that it's getting there. Watanuki has finally given up on Himawari, and Doumeki seems to be taking her place a little bit at a time. I really want to see these two end up happy and together, but clamp is never THAT nice to us are they?

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    Re: Watanuki x Doumeki

    Post by Sponsored content

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